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12th Annual Bud & Madeline Duggan Kindness Scholarship Awards

Duggan’s Serra Mortuary in Daly City presented their 12th Annual Bud & Madeline Duggan Kindness Scholarship Awards to deserving 8th grade graduating student who exemplify kindness to students and teachers alike. Students received a scholarship, a sweatshirt to their new high school and four tickets to a Giant’s Game on June 11th where all the winners and their families celebrated.

Dan Duggan explained: “Kindness is an important part of our ministry, a gift in our everyday association with the families we serve.” Bill Duggan expressed “Through this scholarship, we hope to recognize students who have been consistently kind to others.”

Five kindness scholarships were presented at the following grammar schools: Holy Angels, Colma to Jonathan De La Cruz who will be attending Archbishop Riordan; Good Shepherd, Pacifica to Madeleine Ambrose who will be attending Sacred Heart Cathedral; Our Lady of Mercy, Daly City to Miguel Angala who will be attending St. Ignatius College Preparatory; Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Daly City to Alia Nunez who will be attending Immaculate Conception Academy and St. Veronica School, South San Francisco to Michael Kay will be attending Archbishop Riordan High School, joining his older brother, Dylan.

Catholic San Francisco Newspaper http://www.catholic-sf.org/files/digital_paper_201407155718.pdf (see page 4): “On the Street Where You Live” by Tom Burke. “Good Kids” (L-R) The Kay family: Dad, Trevor; Scholarship winner, Michael; brother Dylan & mom Raquel (St Veronica alumni & current kindergarten aide)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Daly City – Summer Newsletter, Page 7: Our Lady of Perpetual Help School – The Bud and Madeline Duggan Kindness Award. Presentor, Dan Duggan, far right, from Duggan’s Serra Mortuary, presented the annual Kindness Award to Alia Nunez (center). The award includes a $400 scholarship, an ICA sweatshirt and Giant’s tickets for Alia and her parents (Michelle Corea ’77 and Ruben) pictured with Pastor Fr. Augusto Villote.
(Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Daly City link: http://www.olphdc.org/)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Kindness Award 2014

San Francisco Catholic Newspaper On the Street Where You Live

Senator Leno Presents Small Business Awards to Three Daly City Companies

DALY CITY – Senator Mark Leno honored three Daly City businesses on Thursday as Senate District 11’s Small Businesses of the Year. The awards went to Classic Bowling Center, Daly City Locksmith and Duggan’s Serra Mortuary.

“These unique, family-run businesses represent the best of Daly City, and I am pleased to recognize them for their outstanding service to their communities,” said Senator Leno. “Not only do Classic Bowling, Daly City Locksmith and Duggan’s Serra Mortuary run top-notch businesses, they have also individually created partnerships with local organizations and non-profit groups to help serve the community at large.”

Classic Bowling Center is owned by Steve and Matt DeVincenzi. The center provides bowling opportunities for local youth and is a popular location for community fundraisers, supporting causes such as Operation Santa Claus and the Emergency Food Pantry.

Daly City Locksmith owners Yvette and Michael Sink have been in business for more than 35 years. They are always ready to reach out to individuals and families who in dire circumstances and they have a long history of supporting community groups.

Duggan’s Serra Mortuary is owned by the Duggan family and operated by Dan, Bill and Matt Duggan. The family has served the Daly City community for more than 50 years providing personalized funeral services. They have also contributed to more than 100 community organizations and events.

Sen. Leno honored the three companies at a Thursday holiday event hosted by the Daly City-Colma Chamber of Commerce.

“I am excited, humbled and gratified when an honor such as this is bestowed on our small businesses that contribute so much to our community,” said Georgette Sarles, President & CEO, Daly City-Colma Chamber of Commerce.

For media inquiries, contact Ali Bay at ali.bay@sen.ca.gov or (916) 651-4011.

See more at: http://sd11.senate.ca.gov/news/2013-12-06-senator-leno-presents-small-business-awards-three-daly-city-companies#sthash.j3YW7nOT.dpuf


The Bud Duggan Family Scholarship

The Bud Duggan Family Scholarship for Kindness Award Beginnings and the 2013 Scholarship Awardees

Over 10 years ago, the Duggan family chose to begin “The Bud and Madeline Duggan Family Scholarship for Kindness Award.” What began as a few scholarships has grown to nine deserving students at seven different schools.  The Duggan family, Bill, Matt and Dan Duggan are proud to sponsor and present these scholarships to deserving students in our community.

Dan Duggan explains, “One of the most important traits in a person is kindness, our scholarship exemplifying kindness towards others.   It is important to recognize a person for their acts of thoughtfulness and consideration.

In bringing together “kindness” and the mortuary business, “We serve all ethnic and religious backgrounds at Duggan’s. We recognize that kindness is an intricate part of our ministry crossing all barriers, a gift in our everyday association with the families we serve.  When choosing a student, we ask each school to choose a person who has consistently been kind to others.  We prefer that a student be chosen for their kindness to others and not solely their academic achievements.” 

Duggan’s Serra also sponsor two scholarships at Jefferson High School in Daly City.  The Kindness Award in “Band” and “Chorus” which are presented to deserving graduating senior musicians. “During funeral services, we know that music plays an intricate part of helping families in their grief by integrating the beauty of music in the celebration of their loved one’s life.”

Duggan’s Serra also sponsors annual scholarships through Archbishop Riordan High School and I.C.C.C. Leo Walsh Scholarship Program through the Irish Cultural Center of California.

2013 Awardees:

Our Lady of Mercy Grammar School, Daly City
Dominique Mohler, Student
Attending St. Ignatius College Preparatory High School, San Francisco

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Grammar School, Daly City
Ariel Guevarra, Student
Attending Immaculate Conception Academy High School, San Francisco

Holy Angels Grammar School, Colma, CA
Teddy Cordano, Student
Attending Archbishop Riordan High School, San Francisco

Good Shepherd Grammar School, Pacifica, CA
Jordan Barnett, Student
Attending St. Ignatius College Preparatory High School, San Francisco

St Veronica Grammar School, South San Francisco
Esquivel Santana, Student
Attending Archbishop Riordan High School, San Francisco

Thomas R. Pollicita Middle School, Daly City, CA
Gian Ascano, Student
Maria Huerta, student

Jefferson High School, Daly City, CA
Mr. Christian Del Rosario, Choir Awardee, Graduating Senior
Paola Hor Taleza, Student, Band Awardee, Graduating Senior

Pre-Planning Funeral Services

Celebrating 50 Years at our Daly City Location

In Loving Memory of Madeline P. Duggan, 1920-2011 pictured with Dan Duggan, President; Bill Duggan, Vice President; Duggan's Serra Mortuary

This year, the Duggan Serra Family celebrates 50 years of serving families at our Daly City location.

The Duggan Family has been serving families of San Francisco and San Mateo Counties for over 110 years.

Preplanning Your Funeral Service

Whenever we plan ahead, we have a richer experience: whether it is planning a vacation or planning a special family event. There is a saying that “funerals are for the living.” This is true, but you are entitled to have your last wishes respected. Choose what you want. Make your wishes known to your family and your funeral director.

Instead of looking at funerals as a time to say goodbye, we see them as a time to remember the life of the loved one, not the death. Yes, there are tears, but there is also laughter. We are sad because they died….we are happy because they lived. Pre-planning a memorable service is the ultimate and final gift to yourself and your loved ones.

Most mortuaries offer a lifetime guarantee of their goods and services for those who pre-fund their funerals. Even if your costs double, triple, or even quadruple, your pre-funded funeral goods and service costs will never increase. Finally, there are a  number of flexible monthly payment plans available, with full cost protection to those who qualify.

Why People Decide to Prearrange Services

  • A death in the family makes people think about this
  • They don’t want their family to have to worry about this
  • They don’t want their children to have to pay for this
  • Hospice or their doctor advised family to begin arrangements: death is imminent
  • Person needs to qualify for SSI/Medi-Cal
  • Make your own decisions: family will know what you want and will carry out those wishes

Advantages to Planning Far Ahead of Time

  • Get all documents needed, such as: Military Discharge Papers, Advance Directive
  • All decisions are made ahead of time
  • Your own wishes are discussed and on file
  • Discuss things with family; make it easier for the family at the time
  • Financially taken care of: Funding through the mortuary, Resources are set aside

We offer a Free Personal Planning Guide to all who are interested in learning more about pre-planning. It is a helpful tool that contains task checklists, places for important documents and information, and service options. Please call our Pre-Planning Department to receive your complimentary guide. Call today at 650- 756-4500 or 415-587-4500.

Only A Cremation?

How many times has a conversation come up regarding funeral services and you’ve heard – “I want to be cremated”? Cremation is an increasingly popular option when it comes to end of life planning.  Though there has been more and more discussion regarding cremation, something that many people aren’t aware of is the fact that cremation does not take away the ability to honor and celebrate one’s life.

In order to gain a better understanding of the options available, let us take a look at a common scenario.  Your friend, let’s call her “Mary”, has stated that she is going to be cremated when she dies.  She has told the kids, the neighbors, her friends and siblings – everyone. What she hasn’t done, however, is discussed the type of funeral services she would like along with her cremation.  These services are important in that they allow her friends and family the opportunity to gather and honor her life.

Mary wants a visitation and a funeral service, a celebration of her life. She has already picked out the dress she’d like to be placed in with a pair of pearl earrings and a lovely scarf.  Mary has considered a memorial ceremony, in which her cremated remains would be present in an urn alongside photos and personal items, but ultimately has chosen to have a viewing with visitation.  She loves the look of dark hardwood and would prefer her cremation casket be of that material (a cremation casket is used for the funeral service first, then cremated).  Mary has a few special songs she would like played, along with a basket of her favorite flowers, yellow roses, to be put on display next to her casket.  Following the service she wants her friends and family to gather at her favorite restaurant to enjoy her favorite foods and drinks in her honor.

When discussing her final wishes, Mary assumes everyone will already know exactly what she wants.  Unfortunately, however, they do not. Mary later passes away and is cremated, per her wishes. However, no services are held due to the fact that her family was unaware of the beautiful funeral service Mary had envisioned for herself, along with her cremation.

Duggan’s Serra Mortuary, Daly City has a pre-arrangement staff who are trained to assist you in planning your final wishes your way. There is no obligation. Call Duggan’s Serra today for your Free Personal Planning Guide and make sure that your wishes are in writing, planned ahead of time.  “My Funeral, My Cremation, My Way”®

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